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Quincinetto to Cuorgné

Dusty and fast ridgeline riding cutting through vineyards and sleepy villages to finish at a collection of Lakes (and a collection of beer)!

Cuorgné to Valli di Lanzo

Technical and rocky ancient mule track descents define today with precise and accurate riding essential.

Valli di Lanzo to Val di Susa

"The Collombardo" - a fast and furious descent in ravines and gullies giving us natural berms and fast as you like cornering all the way down. It doesn't get any better than this!

Val di Susa to Pragelato

Rocky madness - today has one of the most memorable descents descents of the trip - pick your line and hang on!

Pragelato to Val Germanasca

Big "up and over" today with a long climb to a remote col followed by a "Alpine" style technical and rocky descent above the tree line into the remote Pomieri Valley where the spend the night.

Val Germansca to Val Pellice

First we ride 2km through a disused chalk mine - you'll need a headtorch - then we are treated to a couple of long wooded descents with plenty of speed finishing in the outskirts of Turin and a BBQ.

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